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Commands grouped together for this multi-mode editor.
cURL has dozens of options but discovery of the top 90% every ninja needs was hard until I created this cheat sheet.
A small cheat sheet for those having to write scripts for the Bash shell or similar.
A handy reference deliberatly crafted for a scroll-less lookup. The original version is here
Perl References can trip up both a novice and expert monk. Here is a gentle introduction suitable for kittens and a cheat sheet for everyone.
A guide for Music Theory students that lays out common Scales, Modes, and Chords in an easy reference.
After the website of this "icon font" went offline, I created this page to find an Icon.

Software Development

A non-exhaustive list of Technologies I use include

Ruby/Rails Javascript HTML CSS PHP Perl C PostgreSQL Redis Bash/Zsh Vim Email/Qmail Linux FreeBSD MacOS

A Few Libraries I've created

Email Address Gem - A Ruby library to introspect and validate email addresses with special attention for user email addresses. An early port to Javascript is available on NPM.
PostgreSQL Cursor Gem - A Ruby library to add true PostgreSQL Cursor support to Rails ActiveRecord for handling large result sets.
Vibrant Ink2 - A slight update to the beloved Vibrant Ink color scheme for the vim editor.
Ruby Gems NPM


Member of Philly.rb
Member of NYC.rb
Lock Haven University
Kappa Kappa Psi, National Honorary Band Fraternity

Modern Homes

Richard Neutra's Coveney House
The Coveney House by modernist architest Richard Neutra.

Inside the Water Tower

Inside the Water Tower

This fun image graced my first home page back in the mid 1990's, hosted on angelfire.